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How do you play SugarPop Betsoft Gaming has created a cute fantasy world with goodies in the rainbow all colors through the slot game SugarPop. Allow yourself to get too much of the good and experience a healthier sugar candy full of tasty winnings and sweet symbols. You will quickly learn what high sugar levels really are through the SugarPop Slot Machine game – the casino business’s equivalent to CandyCrush Saga.

SugarPop free spins

You can quickly and easily try SugarPop with free spins as you download from all Betsoft bonuses. Alternatively, try the SugarPop sample above and spin as many times as you like. It does not cost you anything and you can do it without registration.

If you want to experience the true Betsoft sugar game experience with real winnings, you need to pick up a few SugarPop free spins without deposit or deposit on any of all Casinos that offer SugarPop free free spins and the actual game. However, there is no major sacrifice for you; Registering as a member of a casino is fast and as a member you get instant access to both SugarPop and other casino games, not to mention the promotions, competitions, bonuses and free spins that follow!

SugarPop bonus

Bonuses go hand in hand with free spins, but a SugarPop bonus does not give you free game rounds in the same direct form as free spins. A SugarPop bonus consists of a certain amount of bet that you can play for. Online casino bonuses correspond to a cash sum that you can use to play for free on casino games. You can easily find a casino bonus on and can quickly navigate you to a hopefully free SugarPop bonus. SugarPop is a game product from the game maker Betsoft, so take advantage of SugarPop Deposit Bonus or Bonus without Deposit at a Betsoft Casino Casino.

Play SugarPop Slot

Playing SugarPop Slot is to risk becoming sugar dependent. However, the SugarPop Slot Machine does not include any car rings around your stomach or a failing heart; instead, you are pumping with sweet and colorful energy while spinning on the slot machine. With a unique 5-reel slot, 25 symbols spin, you get free access to lots of winning chances.

There are almost unpredictable winning combinations when the slot machine pays out winnings from all directions. Slot machines online usually have a left-to-right rule but SugarPop has ratified this and creates winning combinations from every angle! As soon as 3 profit symbols form a profit formation, your winnings and then it feels a bit like floating on soft clouds of cotton candy!

The SugarPop slot has been equipped with several unique gaming features, which is to be expected as the slot machine comes from Betsoft. The graphics are in 3D format and the animations are as well-designed and thought-out as the Nobel Peace dessert menu. To a great extent, SugarPop reminds us of the popular Facebook game CandyCrush Saga. Just like a candy club on a rainy day in November, SugarPop feels like an uplifting slot machine among the many action and thriller-filled video slots that we are used to on the net. If you want to break your old game patterns online, SugarPop can be the solution!

Profit Symbols and Dividends

There are lots of SugarPop profit symbols and they are reminiscent of Swedish loose-minded candy at its best! Below you will see the game’s usual winning symbols called “regular candy” or “regular candy”. In addition, there is “special godis”, in English called “special candy”. SugarPop special candy consists of the most delicious pralines, clubs and chocolate pieces and they can generate extra big winnings.

SugarPop Jackpot

Betsoft rarely offers games with progressive jackpots and Have unfortunately chosen to save us from a SugarPop jackpot. It’s a pity but at the same time understandable; SugarPop Slot Machine already has so many uplifting moments that a SugarPop Jackpot would have been too much! If you want to win a lot of money on this slot machine, you will aim to achieve the highest win. You do this by reaching the highest bonus level you earn if you manage to accumulate enough points during the game.

In addition to the game plan, there is a point calculator that keeps track of how many points you accumulate . You get points every time you manage to spin a special bonus pattern on the playing field. If you’re lucky to beat the right symbols at the highest level, you’ll get a SugarPop jackpot win you’re gonna forget!

SugarPop on mobile

It’s unclear if we’ll see SugarPop on the mobile. Betsoft definitely invests in its mobile product “ToGo” but has not made a statement that SugarPop on the mobile will be really. However, at oldoppos we keep our thumbs up to see this slot machine in our smart tricks – then we can with good conscience have access to sweets at any time of the day and anywhere!

SugarPop on iPhone & amp; IPad

Betsoft has a nice mobile range with a variety of different games. Their ToGo product gives you access to A Night in Paris, True Illusions and Greedy Goblins, and suggests that the game manufacturer plans to convert all popular slot machines to iPhone and iPad. SugarPop on iPhone & amp; IPad is, in other words, no impossibility, even though there is no finished product of Sugarpop on iPhone in the mobile yet.

SugarPop on Android

If you’re proud owner of an Android mobile or Android tablet, you’ll soon be proud of the availability of SugarPop on Android . If Betsoft decides to create an HMTL5 version of SugarPop on Android on your mobile, you’ll never be more than a touch away from the sugar-based slot machine. Keep an eye out for Sugarpop on Android directly on your mobile or here at oldoppos. Hopefully, it will not be long until you have the game on your mobile!


Tumbling Reels

As soon as you start SugarPop Slot Machine , you will notice a direct resemblance to the Facebook game CandyCrush Saga ; The tumbling wheels (tubling reels) and the free fall function with explosive force! At SugarPop, the winning symbols are not spinning, they fall down on the playing field and form the winning combinations to blow up the winning symbols and replace them with new ones!

Level Up

In addition to the game plan, there is a scorer that gives the player points for each time he succeeds in getting a certain score. Symbol pattern on the playing field. Once enough points are collected, the game is upgraded and the player moves to a new game world with new game levels, this procedure is called “Level Up”. There are a total of 4 different worlds with 5 levels in every world, the highest level is, in other words, level 20.

Special Candy

SugarPop’s specialty is really worth looking out for . There are new candies for each new game world and game level that you manage to achieve and the special candy activates new features and profits.

RTP on the Slot Machine

Betsoft does not tend to choose to reveal RTP on its game products, and SugarPop Slots is unfortunately no exception. However, the refund to players at Betsoft Slot Machine is usually around funds, which means an average repayment of 95-97 percent. RTP stands for “Return To Player” and is a measure of the average repayment to players.

SugarPop Tips

It may seem like you’ve read a short story after this reviewer for review, but there is still some interesting left to say about SugarPop Slot Machine. At least, we have some Sugarpop tips which we hope can help you make the most of the cute slot machine:

  • Play for a fun moment – let the winnings go second.
  • Use bonuses if they are available and save money.
  • Start with free games if it’s first
  • You’ll always find free games and bonuses at!


SugarPop is a surprising Color click among the online slot machines with dark themes. The slot machine can be compared to a well-baked baking machine; One that you enjoy watching just as much as you enjoy experiencing it. The best thing about SugarPop is that you get more of it the more you experience it, you eat a real baking, and it will eventually disappear! Try SugarPop for free on oldoppos and Sugar for your everyday life – we deserve everyone a little bit soon!

By oldoppos

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