Starscape Slots


Take in space to strange galaxies and see the winter street from somewhere else than usual. You will be impressed by this game’s cool symbols and great graphics. With a mysterious space sound, you will be invited to a gaming experience beyond the usual. Test game slots below, without deposit or registration requirements.

Starscape free spins

There is a symbol for scatter but this does not provide free free spins on the slot machine. On the other hand, it activates a bonus game where you get a chance to win money and you can also receive scattered winnings for less than three symbols.

Of course you can download free free spins at the casino you play and as new Member you can often get free spins at registration and free spins upon deposit.

Starscape bonus

There is a bonus bonus slot on the slot and this activates the bonus game if you get more than three wheels. In this game you will choose from 25o different squares and your task is to choose four matching symbols. For these symbols you get a lot of money in this bonus game.

A free bonus can also be obtained when you receive your welcome bonus as a new member of a casino. There is also bonus without deposit that the casino sometimes divides and which you can use on any game. Read more about different Microgaming bonuses here.

Play Starscape

Play Starscape slot on 5wheels and 20windlines. You can get both scattered scatter wins and the chance to play a fun bonus game at this slot machine. You can also get wild on this machine and the symbol doubles all your winnings. It replaces all symbols in addition to scatter. Check out the symbols below and see how much you can win for them on the slot machine.

By oldoppos

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