Relic Raiders Slots


In Relic Raiders you can enjoy fun bonus games, wild-payouts and the opportunity to win really big winnings! The game has an Indiana Jones-inspired theme in both graphics and sound effects, and you can join an exciting adventure in the quest for gems and hidden treasures.

Relic Raiders free spins

Relic Raiders is a slot game that offers many chances of getting free spins. Free spins are free of charge, which you can use to play more without spending money. Free spins can be obtained, for example, by signing up as a member of a online casino. We at oldoppos have tried and got a total of 50 free spins to play for! There is also the opportunity to win free spins during the game. By spinning three or more scatter symbols, the free spins mode is activated. Relic Raiders have a multiplier that makes it possible to earn up to five times the gain. It applies as long as free spins are activated, but not when you win a bonus game or on extra free spins.

Relic Raiders assume that you will try to find all four relics hidden in the game. Once you’ve found all of these you have the chance to win bigger sums. That’s why there’s a secret winning feature, where you can choose between four different gold statues. Behind each statue conceals your secret win!

Relic Raiders bonus

During the game you can at one time get Relic Raider bonus that moves you to an exciting bonus game. To get to the game, three or more bonus symbols are required, from left to right. The bonus game involves finding relics and when these are found you will come to the final “secret win” function. Here you will find a world map in front of you where you will choose between four different gravestones. The next step is to choose a grave to enter.

Each grave contains 8 urns. These are to be broken to find bonus amounts or relics. Once you have chosen a spider, the game ends and you return to Relic Raiders. While playing free spins, the bonus game can be activated, increasing your chances of winning more money!

Play Relic Raider’s Slot

Relic Raider Slot is a 5-line slot game 4 rows. You can play with up to 50 input lines and increase your chances to win. An airplane symbol takes you to the adventure where the pursuit of hidden treasures awaits. Tax charts show the way and awaits a monkey waiting for the treasure chest. In the background, wild animals and wind are heard as wines. The sound effects are part of the experience and create a mood when playing slot machines. In Relic Raders they increase the excitement and fit well into the tax search food.

Winnings and Symbols

Below you will see the winning symbols that pay the most in the slot machine. The symbols consist of a monkey sitting on a pile of gold coins, a poisonous snake and a wild symbol in the form of a witch doctor with a stick in one hand and a bulging heart in the other.

Relic Raiders Jackpot

In Relic Raiders there is no progressive jackpot. This means that the highest amount you can win on the game is fixed. However, you can influence your chances of winning through your efforts. A higher bet gives a higher win sum, which may be good to keep in mind when playing. You win the maximum win when five wild symbols appear on one of the paylines. Relic Raiders jackpot amounts to a total of $ 1,000,000!

Relic Raiders on the Mobile

You can play Relic Raiders on your mobile if you have an Android or iOS smartphone as an operating system. Net Entertainment, who has developed Relic Raiders, is constantly working on developing its products. One of the developments is to make the games available in several ways, not just on the computer. Having slot machines in the mobile phone is a big advantage, for example, when you’re on the go and can not play on a computer. Slot machines are easy to play on touch devices and are great for both the mobile and tablet.

Relic Raiders on iPhone and iPad

If you want to play directly on your mobile, you can have an iphone or Ipad play as usual via the browser. There has not yet been a mobile version of Relic Raiders, but hopefully you do not have to wait a long time. Demand for mobile versions of slot machines is great and there is therefore reason to believe that development will go fast! There are already a number of slot machines that have been converted to apps and there are always more games to load.

Relic Raiders on android

For those who have an android you can Also play Relic Raiden through the browser. It’s both easy and convenient to have access to the slot machine wherever you are. As long as you have internet connection, you can play when you have time. Be prepared, however, for the game window to not look exactly the same as when playing the computer. It may look different in a mobile or tablet, but it still works well. Hopefully, it will not take longer than a few months before you can play Relic Raiders on your android.

RTP on the Slot Machine

RTP stands for “return to player” and is a Percentage that shows how much share of the efforts goes back to the players. In Relic Raiders, the RTP is 90%. This means that 90% of the efforts will be refunded statistically.

Relic Raider’s Tips

As a conclusion to this review, we want oldoppos to share with us some tips for those who want to start playing. We want to give you all the help you can get along for your success!

  • Play for fun!

  • If there are bonus offers, check them out when playing.

  • Try the game for free if it’s the first time you play

  • We at always have the best deals for slot machines!

Now we’ve given you all the tips we have right now and we hope you Have been told everything you need to get started and play Relic Raiders. Embark on a breathtaking adventure and play really if you want a chance to win money. We wish you all the best in the pursuit of the big winnings! Do not forget to visit our free casino bonuses page, where you will find lots of unique offers1

By oldoppos

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