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Lights slot

It’s beautiful and harmonious to play on the Slot Machine Slots slot, which can be resembled a kind of winning spa that you check in and experience everything from floating wilds to Calm fireflies and free spins. Testspela Lights slot game at oldoppos for free and step into something as contradictory as a fun mindfulness session with winning chances.

Lights slot free spins

Looking for Lights slots free spins Invest in catching your free hit at a popular NetEnt casino. Popular casinos almost always offer free spins upon deposit or registration and these free snaps are almost always associated with games from NetEnt, the creator behind the Lights slot and other game successes. We can recommend you to visit all NetEnt bonuses where we list current free free spins and free spins upon deposit which you can benefit greatly from playing Lights.

In addition to these external free spins, there is a generous range of free free spins built into the slot machine itself. They activate as you spin the so-called scatter symbols (read more about the scatter symbol further down the review). If you spin three scatter symbols, you get 10 Lights free spins, spin four symbols, you get 20 free free spins and a full line of five free spins gives you 30 free rounds in the slot machine.

Lights slot bonus

Like most video game machines from NetEnt, the Lights slot has been equipped with several bonus features. The Lights slot bonus that gives the greatest impression is Floating Wild which is the game’s collection name for all wild symbols. When Lights Floating Wild turns out, it can replace other symbols, thus creating more wins, which can be seen as a nice bonus! Free spin is another bonus that the game has been equipped with.

But if it’s a Lights slot free bonus, like a welcome bonus or bonus without deposit, you’ll have to turn to the casinos oldoppos collaborates with. with. You’ll find a lot of good bonuses listed a bit higher up here on the page but you can also peek around on JohnSlot’s various subpages – we list good bonuses a little everywhere!

Play Lights slot

Playing Lights slot is easy; You go to a casino that offers the slot machine, or play the slot here at oldoppos for free. You start each game round by selecting 1-10 bet levels and one of the game’s different coin values ​​(0.01-1.00). NOTE! 0.01 corresponds to € 0.09, 1.00 corresponds to € 9.00. You are always playing 9 solid lines that are connected to the five-wheel slot of the slot machine. When you play, you spin the wheels, which after a while spin a set of symbols. If these symbols form a winning symbol combination, you win. This happens when at least three identical symbols are spinning simultaneously on one of the 9 paylines.

As a rule, you win more The more equal profit symbols you spin, but how much you win is always in correlation with how many coins you bet per spin and what bet of the 10 you activated. To bet max and thus win max, it is necessary to activate bet level 10 and the coin value of 1.00.

While playing Lights slot, you’re not just playing to experience fun coin and cash winnings. You also play to experience Lights slots fun features. That is the whole main purpose of the slot machine from the very beginning; To have a fun game that somehow adds value to your daily life.

Winning symbols and dividends

Lights slot has a number of symbols that all belong to game food; The harmonious life of the far east. Among the symbols are YinYang, Chinese lamps, paper art, dragons and various letters that looks very much like the Chinese alphabet characters. All symbols correspond to different values, and some of the symbols can also enable different functions.

You can easily find out what each of the symbols is worth by clicking on the symbols on the playing field. Then there appears a small mini-profit table that shows how much the symbol is worth. To get an overview of all the symbols and its values, click the “WINCH TABLE” button.

Lights slot jackpot

Any Lights slot jackpot of the progressive battle you can not hop on in this slot game. Net Entertainment, however, has filled the Lights slot with a big win of 90,000 coins – if you have bet max, it means you won what most would call a “fortune”. In addition, the repayment rate is relatively high so if you do not came home the 90,000 coins, chances are that you can win many big winnings for a corresponding value.

Lights slot on the mobile

Lights slot is in the cell phone and has been done since the day the slot machine was launched – which is amazing. When playing Lights slot on the mobile , it means playing on a mobile-enabled slot game that covers the entire screen. Lights slot mobile has HTML5-customized, which also means you can play on Lights slot iPad and Lights slot Android products. Which mobile device you have, then you can now reach Lights slot. All you need is an internet connection and a pretty new mobile phone. IPhone or smartphone from Android – then the case is beef!

Special Features

Lights slot has some special features that make the gaming experience richer. There are scatter symbols that activate free spins and there are wild symbols with a twist. Wild symbols have the eminent function of being able to turn into any other symbol, making it easier to create profitable symbol combinations. In the Lights slot, the wild symbols are called “Floating Wild”. These wild symbols are activated when fireflies swarm on the playing field – when the beautiful flies fly out, you can always count on accessing 2-4 floating wilds.

RTP on Slot Machine

The RTP on Lights slot is 96.1% which is a high repayment rate indicating that there are good winning chances in the game. At the same time, it is important to point out that RTP is a theoretical repayment rate that is variable from game to game to game. You can not count on getting back 96.1% of everything you bet every time you play Lights.

Lights slot tips

Before continuing to play on the Lights slot, we would like to provide you with some extra nice Lights slot tips that are also compatible with Other slot machines online. There are tips and hence good advice that we believe in oldoppos will make your gaming experience the better.

– Play because you think it’s fun!
– Just play Lights slot if you like it Harmonic light therapy theme
– Determine a game budget before spinning
– Never play for more money than you can afford to lose

By oldoppos

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