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Now it’s time to re-prioritize your game budget, for NetEnt’s slot Koi Princess is so superior to everything else on the market that it’s almost embarrassing. Competitors simply get their fish warm and it will be hard to go back and start playing other slots again after stuck to Koi Princess.

Koi Princess free spins

Koi Princess not only has free spins, it has free spins with guaranteed winnings! In order to get these delights, you must first pick up three bonus symbols – these can appear on wheels one, three and five. You’ve probably heard of scatter symbols in other games, and the bonus symbol in Koi Princess has a corresponding feature – though much better of course. First and foremost, spin a small wheel to see what bonus you get. In total, there are four bonus features, and one of them is therefore free of charge with guaranteed winnings.

In the free spins mode you are awarded ten freedoms, and regardless of whether you capture a payline or not, you will always win The bet you made during the round you activated this bonus round. For example, if you bet 0.40 you win at least 0.40 each round even if you do not win a win. But not enough, you can also increase your guaranteed profit if you get a profit that exceeds your bet. To give an example:

If you bet 0.80, enter the free spins mode and win 1.60 during a single bet, your guaranteed win every round while the rest of your free spins is raised to 1 , 60th The minimum win under this game mode is ten times the bet, but you have a chance to win significantly more than that! As the cream on the mash you also get an extra free spin with guaranteed win every turn you increase your winnings. You can also get free games with guaranteed winnings when you spin the special bonus wheel, but more about it further down the review.

Koi Princess Bonus

Hope You’re sitting or lying comfortably, because here’s so much to inform you that you’ll be seated like sticky for several minutes! In addition, some of the bonuses are so generous that you may think we are going to draw clean fishing stories. Koi Princess has no fewer than eight bonuses activated on different occasions, which gives the game a rich variety you hardly find in any other slot (most slots have only one bonus game). Before we get rid of all Koi Princess bonuses, we need to tell you about a basic feature that you can choose to enable or disable depending on how you post your game. This feature is called Bonus Bet and means you double your bet, but on the other hand, you get a higher chance of activating random bonuses (more if it’s a bit further down), getting higher guaranteed winnings in the free spins feature and more chance to activate the bonus mode. Bonus Bet can be enabled and disabled between each game round.

We go through each Koi Princess bonus game each Individually so that the information becomes as clear as the water in the cleanest of lakes. There are four bonuses that are activated randomly and four that get started when you get three bonus symbols. When the wheels spin a little extra long without stopping, it’s a sign that a random bonus is at the entrance! The screen is zooming out and hopefully it will show up in the water. However, if you have the luck on your side, nothing happens, and the princess standing next to the game plans sucks disappointed. Otherwise, there are three fishes that everyone wants to be selected, but you only have to choose one and then get a random bonus:

  • 5-Hit: The fish throws up five empty blocks that go as a guaranteed Payline on the playing field, and afterwards you can spin a wheel that determines which symbols are filling these blocks. If you get the Princess yourself or Wild, you can count on a big win!
  • Random Wilds: Wild symbols are sure to be sure they replace all other symbols in addition to bonus to give you the best winnings if they spin . Random Wilds in Koi Princess gives you four to nine randomly placed wild symbols on the playing field. However, we noticed that it’s quite unusual to get more than five …
  • Wild Reels: How would it be to get entire wheels covered by wild symbols? You will get two to five Wild Reels, and here you can really see the big winnings that make the princess all the more happy.
  • Bonus: You can “cheat” and activate bonuses via a random bonus ! This option is by far the most unusual of the random options, but gives you three bonus symbols without further discussion, which in turn takes you to the real bonus games.

And then it was ” The real deal “in Koi Princess. There are four different games here, but as we have already gone through the free spins game in the above section, we focus on the other three here:

  • Coin Win: The clearest game is no game at all – You get a win directly without any hassle. How much profit is determined by chance, keep the princess in hand and hope for the best!
  • Bonus Wheel: Now it’s advanced. The Bono Princess in Koi Princess consists of three “layers” plus one core. Here you progress by throwing a dice that shows how many steps you can move on the wheel. You start the first layer that is located on the wheel, and there you will find multipliers, an arrow and “Double Up”. Double Up doubles all the multiplier values ​​on the wheel, including it in the kernel. As long as you only end up on squares that increase your profit, you can spin the outer layer for any time, it’s only when you land on the arrow as you take a step to layer number two.

    The second layer has several unpleasant Boxes under the name “Collect”, you end up on one of them is the game over and your total winnings are counted together. Just like in the first wheel there is both a Double Up and an arrow, but here the other boxes have higher multiplier values ​​than on the first layer.

    The third layer is very exclusive and here are not many that take itself. Here you will find about the same things as in stock two, but this is where you can win free spins with guaranteed winnings (if you remember the beginning of this review). Additionally, the desirable Wild Reels Free Spins feature is here as well, but as it is the last bonus, we will tell you more about it further down. With the maximum turn you take a third arrow into the core and get to know the huge profit multiplier that houses there.

  • Wild Reels Free Spins: The last bonus is also the hardest to be given. In this game mode you get one to five wheels covered by Wilds, and with ten such game rounds in one and the same game you can certainly figure out how huge winnings you can get home here.

Is You’re still not convinced that Koi Princess has the best and most bonuses in the industry, we kindly ask you to never comment on similar issues – it would only be embarrassing.

Koi Princess anime slot

In the pictures you have probably noticed two things: first, that the style of graphics has inspired Japanese anime and that the princess is so cute that she is probably illegal in 17 countries . Anime is Japanese cartoon films (not to be confused with manga series, so there is no name called mangafilms) that is insanely popular in Japan, but quite popular here in Sweden as well. They are characterized primarily by the fact that all characters have big eyes, tiny noses and no teeth when they open their mouth. A large part of the culture within anime is to make everything look as sweet as possible (kawaii in Japanese). You can without exceedingly note that NetEnt has been doing a great job with the design. The sweet girl does not seem to be a day older than 16 and her sugar-sweet design blends with traditional Japanese motifs like waterfalls, cherry trees and temples in the background.

The music and sound effects are also perfectly matched. During the usual rounds, the low-key, Japanese tones are filling your ears and embossing a solid feeling. But suddenly when you win a big win, the music radically changes and pumps out intense, adrenaline-raising tones that stand in total contrast to the otherwise so peaceful masterpiece. Just this contrast, NetEnt has managed to be incredibly good, and contributes to the fact that there are more reasons than just the profit in itself, which means that you want to relive that moment over and over again. Moreover, it is just under this sequence that the princess is As most kawaii!

In terms of number of winning lines, they are 20 in number. You can adjust the coin value (0.01-1) and bet level (1-10), but you can not determine how many paylines you want to bet on, and for that reason the minimum bet is 0.20 (0.40 with Bonus Bet enabled). The highest possible bet is 400!

Koi Princess is a NetEnt slot where you win relatively few small numbers and you rarely get the chance to test the bonus game. For this reason, you can win many rounds without winning a single penny. However, when the big odds show up, you usually win a lot of money, so it can be said that it’s an “all or nothing” lock. We see this as something positive because little winnings where you do not even get back the bet is just annoying, and when you spin the bonus wheel you want to be rewarded properly and not left with a fierce bonus that is not worth the name.

Koi Princess Jackpot

Unfortunately, there is no progressive jackpot in this game, and it’s also our only complaint about the otherwise perfect game Koi Princess. The closest jackpot you come here is either if you manage to get Wild Rheels Free Spins as a bonus or if you get into the core of the bonus wheel. But you know what you usually say – nothing is perfect, not even this NetEnt slot. So instead of giving the Koi Princess a score of ten princess crowns of ten possible we remove one gem of one of the crowns and say 9.9 instead.

Koi Princess on the mobile

Since we are talking to NetEnt, you can play Koi Princess on your mobile phone. The graphics are just as colorful as on a computer, but some animations are a bit poorer, and resolution and screen size, of course, take a little bit due to the smaller format. If you play on an Android mobile, NetEnt Chrome version 29 or later, as well as Android version 4.1 or later, recommends. If you just like signed never want to be without the princess for a few longer periods, you can always play Koi Princess on the phone, whether you’re on the shuttle or anywhere else outside your home.

Some tips

Based on our own experience, we have collected some simple tips we want to share with Koi Princess:

  • Always activate Bonus Bet every spin – it pays off
  • Make sure you have budget to play at least 100 rounds, as it may take many rounds before the winnings begin to fall.
  • It does not seem to matter what Koi fish you choose In conjunction with random bonuses (we usually drive in the middle because it is the one that appears with the princess in her own symbol)

Play Koi Princess now

Now understands We’re scratching your fingers, how do you get started playing Koi Princess? Most well-known online casinos have of course this game in the assortment because it is a NetEnt game and you read this review in conjunction with the game launch on November 24, 2015, you will be as safe as the amen in the church to find bonus campaigns that are linked to it This wonderful game. In view of the game’s design, we recommend that you, if possible, put the money on bonus money so you can play Koi Princess for as long as possible – you will enjoy every moment with the irresistible princess and her eight bonus features.

By oldoppos

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