Goldilocks Slots


Enter the forest and meet Guldlock and the three little bears. Together with birds and trees they live in the cottage. The story of Guldlock has become a slot machine and you can accompany the adventure just like the story itself. Please sample the machine below, without registration or deposit. Help Guldlock to escape the angry bears!


Goldilocks free spins

The scatter symbol of the slot machine is Guldlock itself. When she pops up three times on the wheels, free spins are activated where you get 10 free spins. You can also get more free spins by getting the symbol “Bears turn wild”, which is a busy Goldlock where she stretches out her tongue. By collecting this symbol during free spins, you can not only make all bear symbols turned into wild but you can also get more free spins.

To find free free spins outside the game, there is always the opportunity to Get free spins upon registration and free spins upon deposit. If you want to review your free spins, you can check out all the offers above. Start collecting free spins already now to boost your capital.

Goldilocks bonus

There is no bonus game when you play Goldilock’s slot machine and therefore no free bonus but you can see a lot of extra Wild wins both in the main game and during free spins. These also have multipliers attached to each other, leading to large profits on a regular basis.

If you want to get even more bonus money, you can always receive a welcome bonus or bonus without deposit at the casino you are playing. Click here and read more about all Quickspin bonuses available.

Play Goldilocks slot

Play Goldilock’s 5-wheel slot and 25-line slot. You can get free spins and wild at this slot machine and additionally there are some extra features that make the game worth playing. During the main game you can collect the grease symbol that gives you 2x the win for all winnings during the main game. The more porridge bowls, the bigger the multiplier. You can earn up to 4x win if you get three pieces of pork spoons in one spin, along with a win. This quickly leads to large sums of money when you play Goldilock’s slot. You adjust yourself how many paylines you want to play, but remember that the more paylines you choose to play, the more your chance of winning. Winning lines determine how many winning combinations each spin brings.

In addition to the graphics and music fitting according to the classic theme, you also have big winnings and well-developed ideas behind the game. It’s a fun game and if you know about the Guldlock story, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Winnings and Symbols

The symbols for the win on the slot machine are the cottage, Goldlock, the bears, the cricket, the playing cards and the teddy bear .

Goldilocks Jackpot

There is no progressive jackpot to win at the slot but there are great wins to comb home anyway. At most, you can win 250 coins and these will be yours if you get five bear symbols on the wheels. The bear to keep your thumbs up is Daddy Bear and when the payout is done, the coin turns into real money.

Goldilocks in the Mobile

Goldilock slot machine is not available on mobile but this may soon be To change. There are many indications that a mobile version of Goldilocks will be launched in the near future. Playing on your mobile means you can play Goldilocks whenever and wherever, around the clock! To play on slot machines on your mobile you only need to download an application from any casino that has your favorite games, then it’s just as easy and easy to play in the mobile phone as in front of the computer.

Goldilocks on iPhone & amp; On iPad

This slot machine is not compatible with the mobile and therefore you can not play the game on iPhone or iPad. Playing in the mobile and reading pad is something that is possible for very many games and not just slot machines. When you play on the phone, you can play wherever you are while you have internet. It’s very easy to play via mobile and you no longer need to be locked on a computer to play.

Goldilocks on Android

Goldilocks can not be played on Android since the game is not on the mobile. Playing through its Android phone usually is very simple and fun. It is quick to download the application to the phone and it is often completely free to do this. If you have money in your casino account, you can often start playing right away. Keeping in mind is that it may cost money to use the internet if you do not have the right subscription that gives you unlimited internet.

Bears turn wild

An extra fun feature on the slot machine is Bears Turn wild. This feature is only available during free spins but makes the game so much fun. Your job is to collect goldlock symbols during free spins, more specifically the symbol where Guldllock extends his tongue and lip. Once you have collected three symbols, the bears turn into wild. Collecting five symbols will not only turn the bears into wild but you also get two extra free spins. The wild symbols stay wild as the rest of all free spins.

RTP on the slot machine

The chance to win the slot machine is 97% which is a really high value for slot machines. Thanks to all the extra features, you can win good money while playing even though RTP does not reach all the way up to 100%.

Goldilock’s Tips

There are many Goldilock tips to share with Tell us and we at would like to contribute our experience and knowledge about the slot machine.

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