EuroSlots Casino – 6000 EUR bonus & 100 freespins


We offer a unique Euroslots bonus where you get 100 free spins for free immediately upon registration, without any deposit requirements. Yes, you read correctly – you do not have to make any deposit, so get 100 free spins as soon as you open your account. Unbelievably generous!

Euroslots Bonus

These 100 free spins are distributed on your first four days as a casino player at EuroSlots. You simply get 25 free spins a day in four beautiful NetEnt games. Day 1: 25 Free Spins on Starburst

  • Day 2: 25 Free Spins at the Football: Champions Cup
  • Day 3: 25 Free Spins on Piggy Riches
  • Day 4: 25 Free Spins on Monkey King
  • As part of CasinoEuro’s new welcome pack, you will not only get one without three deposit bonuses! If you put together all of them you can get up to 600 EURonor casino bonuses. These three deposit monies apply to your first three deposits and the layout looks as follows:

    • First deposit – 100 percent bonus up to $ 1,500.
    • Second Deposit – 100%
    • Third Deposit – 50 percent bonus up to $ 3000.

    General bonus rules apply to the bonus above. This means that the turnover requirement is 50 times, which is a standard requirement for casino sites and games online. If your first deposit is $ 500, you will be awarded $ 500 when you have converted your $ 500 50 times. It’s simple math: 500×50 = 25000. You have to sell 2500 EURonor before you can pick up your Euroslot casino bonus.

    Once you have received your bonus, you can use it freely in the casino. Many members choose to play slot machines for the bonus. There is a wide variety and it is easy to play. When it comes to a Euroslot casino bonus without deposit, would suggest you to test the video poker – the surprise!

    Euroslots Bonus Code

    When you play Euroslots, you do not have to hold Check out any bonus code. Euroslots Free Spins

    Euroslots offer their own “ Euroslots free spins “.

    Euroslots Free Spins

    Euroslots offers their own Euroslots free spins periodically. Sometimes you can get Euroslots free spins or free-rebound, sometimes you get free spins without deposit.

    In order for these free spins to come right for you, you need to keep an eye on your email. You are recommended to add the game site email address to your mailing list. The casino sends out free spins deals via email. It’s a shame to miss them given that they increase your winning chances at the slot machines offered.

    Euroslots Casino Review

    Euroslots casino is called “a new European gaming experience” and explains its Success with experience and knowledge. The page has been around for 10 years and is available in English, English, German, Norwegian and Finnish. As the name reveals, the casino offers a range of slot machines and slots but also offers a game of table games and video poker and a bunch of other games.

    In the “other games” category you will find scratchcards and fast games. Euroslots also have variants of blackjack, roulette and slot machines. In total, Euroslots casino has about 270 different casino games. You will definitely find something you like without any major problems. All games are available directly in the browser, so no download of a casino client is required.

    We at think that Euroslots casino is worth testing – whether you’re new to casino games online or if you consider you to be a veteran. It is a nice casino and there are plenty of entertainment and entertainment to enjoy. We believe the site has great development opportunities. Especially considering that there are Cherry companies standing at the helm. Join the success story right from the start and become a member of Euroslots casino now!

    Euroslots Slot Machine

    Slots is the Eurocasino warm-hearted, which clearly shows the offer. At present, the site offers over 200 slot machines and slot machines that are divided into two categories; Video slots and slot machines.

    oldoppos strongly recommends Muse slots that have a free spins feature better than most! You’ll find it among the video slots where the majority of the casino’s most popular games are listed. How about Net Entertainments Starburst or Microgamings Break Then Bank Again?

    You can easily sell out the Euroslots Slots that do not have jackpots by going to “Jackpot Games”. There are only slot machines that have both fixed and progressive jackpots. The most famous jackpot game is probably the Mega Fortune slot. All jackpot games are yellow-marked so you’ll find them quickly even if you do not go to the overall jackpot game.

    Euroslots has the best slot machines on the market from Net Entertainment and Microgaming. There is both new and old and the offer is constantly updated. Euroslots themselves say they do not buy games unless they keep the mat.

    Quality comes before quantity. In addition, the site wants to make it as easy as possible for its members, making the games easy to find and contributes game descriptions and customer support at hand.

    Euroslots Mobile

    You can play Euroslots on your mobile at any time of the day. All you need to reach Euroslots mobile is a smartphone and a membership. The offer in the mobile casino is not as big as what you find through your computer, but it’s enough to get a nice game time. Euroslots casino in the mobile is a miniversion in your pocket!

    Euroslots App

    Currently there is no Euroslots App. In other words, you can not play casino games from any downloadable application, either from Google Play or from the App Store. However, you can always reach Euroslots on mobile but there are unfortunately no games to download as apps.

    There are good chances that the casino launches a Euroslots app. If the site follows the game market development where apps and mobile casino games are becoming more and more common, you will soon be able to download the site’s own apps.

    Euroslots on iPhone & iPad

    About You have an iPhone or iPad so you reach the casino by typing in the regular address in your mobile or tablet’s browser. Euroslots on the iPhone & iPad are far from the casino you usually find at but it’s all the more fun to bring! As long as you have internet connection and a membership, you can log in with your username and password directly on your mobile.

    Since Euroslots has no apps, you’ll be hassled by finding your Euroslots iPhone app or ipad app. The browser is all you need to think about. This is just one of the reasons that Euroslots have their slogan “gaming made easy”.

    Euroslots on Android

    If you have a mobile or tablet, you can reach Euroslots on android with A few clicks. You just need to go to your browser on your mobile or tablet – without any android app. Euroslots on the mobile make the gaming experience easy and easy to access. You can basically be anywhere but still have access to your favorite casino.

    oldoppos meets Euroslots

    EuroSlots is a brand that bets wholeheartedly on slots; The casino game that lies oldoppos closest to the heart. We wanted to find out more about the slots casino and headed to EuroSlot’s headquarters where Jenny met and interviewed Daniel Oskarsson, Chief Marketing Officer at EuroSlots.

    When I come to Euroslots, I will be kind Welcomed by the receptionist. Soon after, Daniel Oskarsson will welcome me. Daniel holds a CMO position at Cherry and Euroslots. He has previously been Head of Marketing & Communication at Mr Green Online Casino, Advertising & Internet Manager at Telge Energy, and has also been a mobile vendor.

    Daniel and I take a seat in a conference room and start our interview.

    Tell us a little about EuroSlots! How did everything start?

    – EuroSlots went live 2012 and was the first product to be launched after the Group’s breakthrough from Betsson. It has its own backend system and welcomes players from Sweden, Great Britain, Finland, Norway and Germany.

    EuroSlots is part of the Cherry Group and shares offices with other game-related brands within Cherry. The office I visit and the conference room we are in, therefore, goes entirely to Cherry’s colors (red and white) and there are not many tracks of EuroSlots. However, the office is undergoing rebuilding so I assume that EuroSlots will put its unique feel in the office eventually.

    EuroSlots obviously has a Euro theme, why then?

    – Today EuroSlots is a tribute to Europe’s positive parts. The site is about celebrating the differences we have and highlighting what’s good with Europe. Playing at Euroslots is a bit like a tram ride through Europe with a slot in the backpack.

    It sounds like a fun trip! Despite the Euro theme, you only have a limited number of European countries. Why can not all of Europe get to know EuroSlots.

    – It’s going well, as it is. The organization must be mature before we take new projects.

    You have launched a new page and a new whole concept, how does differ from your old version?

    – The site is on the same base but with a better platform. The site is left-handed, which is unusual and we constantly develop it to make it even better, more functional and simpler.

    EuroSlots offers many slots at the moment. How do you watch the future of slot machines?

    The game industry will generally develop a lot over the next few years, and I think the slots will be even more entertaining.

    Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom And Germany can play at EuroSlots. Are there any favorite games between the countries?

    – The Nordic countries like when it’s functional, clean and simple, while Britain is a little more Americanized. The Norwegians prefer joker slots like Jokerizer and the Germans seem to play more Microgaming games than, for example, Swedes.

    Who determines which games should be in the gaming lobby?

    – Spring Casino manager makes the first selection. He is contacted by game manufacturers and looks into their game portfolio. Then we make a common selection by checking out the games he has chosen and finally picking out the games that are good. Of course, we also look at statistics that show how popular the various games are among the players of the network.

    Is there a chance that EuroSlots will bring in other kinds of casino games that are more or less related to slot machines?

    – Absolutely. Other casino games are on the go.

    What are your new and old players more looking forward to?

    – A new feature on the homepage with unique campaigns.

    Euroslot’s design and development team is working on creating a unique special lock that will be featured on the EuroSlot homepage. The slot machine will come in the form of a one-armed bandit and new and existing members can pull the lever and spin out unique promotions and promotions.

    Exciting! Can you tell us about the campaigns?

    – Yes! For example, there may be bonus offers or “mystery gifts”. We sit monthly and try to get brand new promotions, themes and offers. Innovation and constant development are mantra without forgetting what is actually popular and sought.

    Promotions and bonuses are two of the many reasons why more people play online. Why do you think the interest in online games increased lately?

    – Everything goes smoother and easier today thanks to all mobile and technical tools, we also have a need for excitement and we have Much free time to play.

    Daniel refers to a book he recently read where the author described the differences with our contemporary and the Roman world of the present. Today, we do things 100 times faster than the Romans could, nor do we need to chase after food or fight against enemies. The efficiency has made our free time increased. In combination with the absence of war and hunting for food, we have become hungry for excitement and entertainment.

    EuroSlots is included in the Cherry Group, which was named Best Online Gaming Operator 2014. What Do you motivate now when you’ve become the best?

    The award was surprising, but I’m never satisfied. All that’s good can be done better. It was fun to win and it shows we are on the right track.

    Daniel compares the price with a “swan tag” but points out that it’s an industry price and customer feedback is more fun.

    – We want to know as much as possible about Our customers and what they think. Customer service has an important role in contact with customers. At the same time, we try to involve customers in EuroSlot’s development.

    What methods do you use to improve your customers?

    – We have different competitions where customers can respond On questions and as a thank you for your help, they get some kind of reward.

    What have you achieved? Can you give an example?

    – That Euroslots may attract players who like to much more challenges, adventures and somewhat different games.

    Speaking of development: Where do you see EuroSlots in 5 years?

    – I never look so far forward but the goal is to be bad, make good money And exist in significantly more markets, also on other continents.

    I like EuroSlots and Daniel’s future goals. Being badly good, making healthy money and taking place in more markets feels like a reasonable development price for EuroSlots and it will be interesting to see if the gaming company achieved its goal in five years, perhaps the gaming company has developed even more? It remains to be seen!

    The interview took place on March 11, 2014 in Malta
    Participant did Daniel Oskarsson and the interview was conducted by Jenny Arnell

    By oldoppos

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