Carat Casino – Get 8000 EUR Bonus & 20 Free Spins


Caratcasino is part of Unibet International Ltd, which involves two things; Quality and knowledge. Caratcasino knows what the players want and offer a complete casino range, carefully crafted to fit as many games as possible.

In 2006, Caratcasino landed on the gaming market, with the main focus on Bingo products and scratch cards. Just over 7 years later, Caratcasino focuses primarily on the casinos and offers a wide range of slots, table games and video poker. High quality and knowledge sets the tune of Caratcasino that delivers the casino player wants to experience; Game joy.

Carat Casino Bonus

Caratcasino has several bonuses for its members, and as the casino belongs to a larger gaming portal, there is also room for bonuses via the bingo and poker department. It’s fun that there are other types of games and with a Carat casino bonus it’s easy to try out at no cost. Perfect for those who like to play online!

The most interesting bonuses are at the casino and the first Caratcasino bonus that casino players get, gives a really good start to the gaming experience. The Caratcasino Welcome Bonus consists of a free bonus and a deposit bonus. The free bonus will be yours as soon as you register and go to the casino’s slot machines. There you click on a selected but always popular slot and then get 20 free games on the slot machine.

In the first deposit you get the second part of your welcome bonus; Caratcasino Deposit Bonus to give you 100% Deposit Bonus. If you make a maximum deposit of 150 EURonor, the deposit bonus gives you 150 EURonor extra to play for. More bonuses await the member and make use of the Welcome Bonus.

Existing Members receive free spins, deposit bonuses and bonuses without deposit, whenever they play in the casino. The more you play, the more bonuses you get. If you want to increase your chances of additional benefits and bonuses, you should participate in promotions and competitions. Dare to thank you when an offer lands in your inbox in the email or in your account at Caratcasino. It will benefit your gaming experience!

Caratcasino Bonus Code

Bonus codes are no elevators according to Caratcasino, which almost never offer members a Caratcasino bonus code or promotional code . On the bonus site, members are allowed to activate their bonuses themselves by meeting the campaign requirements. This means that a bonus will be activated automatically as soon as you meet the requirements associated with the bonus offer. For example, if you have received an offer for free games on slot machines as soon as you make a deposit, you will be given a free bet once the deposit is completed.

Caratcasino Free Spins

An interesting chapter Among Caratcasino’s member benefits, Caratcasino is free spins. The game’s free spins and free spins are very useful because the majority of games consist of slot machines. At this point you are sure that free spins give you free slots on slot machines and are commonly found on Swedish game sites.

If you get free car spins without deposit, you’ll be extra happy. Then you do not need to bet your own slings over the main but may change free spins to play for the same chance of winning cash as usual. Caratbingo divides the free spins a little look as tight. Keep track of when it happens by tapping into the casino page’s campaign list. Carat Casino has been on the market since 2006 and in addition to all bonuses, bonus codes and free spins, the casino also offers a Excellent gameplay. You will find a large number of slot machines, 40’s scratch cards and a dozen table games. In the latter category you will find caratcasino roulette and blackjack which are two of the most popular games in the casino. Among the table games there are also Punto Banco, Red Dog and Pontoon, so there is no shortage of games. It would be a shame to say that the game offer was not enough!

Caratcasino Slot Machines

Caratcasino has chosen to pick up slot machines from different game makers, but as usual, Net Entertainments and Microgaming play. You will find all the great favorites among the games and can jump between one jackpot game to the other. Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune are of course available, like Spiderman and Fantastic Four. A fun surprise are the slot machines that come from Ash Gaming, a gaming company that belongs to Playtech. The Ash Gaming games are not as common in English casinos as Netents and Microgaming, so it’s extra luxurious to be able to play on them through Caratcasino slots and unarmed bandits.

The total range of caratcasino Slot machines comprise around 195 different caratcasino slots. With 195 unique energetic bandits in modern vintage, you will not learn to be idle at the casino. There will be almost too many choices! However, there is a feature that allows you to filter your search for “new”, “popular”, “classic slots”, “jackpot games” and “favorites”. The search function makes it much easier to find fun slot machines quickly.

Caratcasino Mobile

To JohnSlot’s great surprise, Caratcasino Mobile is not available yet. It is surprising that Caratcasino is part of the same group as Maria Casino and also uses the same casino model as Maria. Hopefully, the site’s mobile casino is going on. While you wait, you can still reach caratcasino on your mobile phone by signing in to the site from your mobile browser. If your mobile device supports Flash software, you can also play on your mobile. Otherwise, you can play online and wait until Caratcasino is launched on the mobile!

Caratcasino App

Some apps do not need to be needed the day the mobile casino launches, but it’s very possible May come with another kind of Caratcasino app or mobile app that corresponds to a certain game or bonus. So far there is neither on the mobile but hopefully we can see Caratcasino on the mobile within a short time. The casino is owned by Unibet Group, and most Unibet casinos (like are in custom mobile format. We at oldoppos think it’s only a matter of time before we see both mobile users logged in to Carat!

Caratcasino on iPhone & iPad

Caratcasino on iPhone & iPad learns to be Reality at the same time as the casino becomes available on the phone. As mentioned above, you do not need to have a Caratcasino iPhone app or ipad app – you will be able to log into the casino directly on your mobile via the browser. We predict that Caratcasino on iPhone & iPad will come true within 1-2 years but keeps our thumbs up for the process to run faster. It’s extremely easy to play directly on your mobile and there are probably many mobile players who like to check out the offer on carat!

Caratcasino on Android

Caratcasino on Android is a must if casino game is going to be Launched for use on the mobile phone. Over half of all mobile users have Android installed as operating systems, so it would be a big mistake by Carat if they failed to launch a version for Android users. When it’s going to happen, it’s still unclear, but hopefully it will not be too long. If your Android mobile or tablet has Flash installed, you can play at caratcasino android right now. Pick up the handset and click on the casino and try and see – who knows, you may have a complete casino in your pocket!

End of score

We at oldoppos are of the opinion that Caratcasino is a Good casino site with a wide range of slot machines. There are also plenty of promotions and competitions, even though we find the same contests on If you like Maria Casino and have an account registered there before, there is no need to register an account at Carat – the game is extremely playful when it comes to games, news and bonuses. However, if you are not a busy Maria visitor, caratcasino is a perfect game base.

By oldoppos

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