Big Bad Wolf Slots


Join the story of the big ugly wolf and the three little pigs. The big ugly wolf is going to blow down the pigs’ house and if you do not help them, maybe he will succeed. Do not you want the wolf to eat those poor pigs and run away with your winnings. In such cases, you must help them fight him. Try playing the slots online without registration or deposit.


Big Bad Wolf free spins

The scatter symbol is the wolf and when you get three wolves you will be awarded 10 free spins. You can also win additional free spins while playing by getting three to wolves on the reels. During free spins you are also given the opportunity to blow down the pigs’ houses and win friends for this.

You can also download free free spins upon registration and free spins upon deposit at any of the casinos that offer this . Most online casinos give you an opportunity to download free spins and those you should really focus on trying to get are free spins without deposit. These are completely free and require nothing to be used.

Big Bad Wolf Bonus

There is no instant bonus game at this slot game but during free spins you get a chance to blow down Pigs house. This is a side game during free spins that gives you the opportunity to win some extra money. This can be classified as a bonus game, even if this is not independent.

If you want to get a free bonus in another way, it’s a good idea to try to find someone through the casino you are playing. There are many different offers to get when it comes to bonuses. The very first bonus you meet is a welcome bonus that you often get when you become a new member of an online casino. After that, there is always the possibility of bonus without deposit that you can encounter at regular intervals at the casino. You can read more about all Quickspin bonuses here.

Play Big Bad Wolf slot

Play Big Bad Wolf slot on 5wheels and 25windlines. In addition to getting free spins, you can also get different wild symbols on the reels. There are common wild symbols that appear anywhere on the reels and replace all wins except scatter. Then there is also a wild symbol called “Pigs turn wild”. Once you have made a win for one of the pigs twice, this turns into wild. When you win another pig twice, it turns into wild. This continues for all pigs if you make enough winnings.

Big Bad Wolf slot is not just a fun slot game that offers excitement and action. You can also win really well with money thanks to special features. During the game, you will recognize yourself in each feature if you have read the story of the three little pigs and the big naughty wolf.

Profit and Symbols

The symbols for profit on this Slot machines are the three little pigs, the playing cards, the wolf and the honeycomb. Below you can see all the different symbols that give you a win.

Big Bad Wolf Jackpot

There is no progressive jackpot to pick up on the game deck, but you can win well with money If you are persistent. Most of you can win 1000 coins and these will be yours if you get five hives on the wheels.

Big Bad Wolf on the mobile

Big Bad Wolf can not be played on the phone at This time, however, it is very possible that the game will be released for both the mobile and the reading board soon. Many popular games are released for the mobile and at any launch, you will be able to download the game to your mobile via an application. Which casinos will provide the game is hard to say but most casinos available as mobile version will give you an opportunity to play on the gaming machine on your mobile.

Big Bad Wolf on iPhone & amp; On iPad

When the Big Bad Wolf Slot Machine has not been released in any mobile version yet, you’re welcome to play this game on your computer. But then, much suggests that Big Bad Wolf will be able to play on iPhone and iPad, it might be a good idea to start practicing right now. You can choose from a variety of games that can be played on your mobile and get ready until the Big Bad Wolf Slot Machine is launched!

Big Bad Wolf on Android

Playing on the mobile is getting more and more popular and all the best games are often those launched on the mobile. Big Bad Wolf is one of these games but you can not play this game on Android yet. Just download an application from your mobile and get started playing when the game is released. It’s really easy to start playing and it’s about a second before you’re just as skilled as when playing in front of the computer. If you do not want to play this game at the time of launch, there are a lot of other games to be enjoyed, some already.

Pigs turn wild

During the main game, you’ll get Part of the game Pigs turn wild. At the top of the right corner you will see the three little pigs. Under each symbol there are two boxes. When you make a profit with a pig, this box begins to shine. When you make a profit for that pig, it turns into wild. This can happen to all three little pigs if you make these wins in turn. The wild symbols only hold the same spin as it is to win as much as possible. What makes this feature possible is that for each win you make, the symbols that are part of the win and down are drowning with new symbols. This allows you to make as many new wins as one spin. In this way, you can turn the pigs into wild symbols during just one spin on the slot.

RTP on the slot

The Big Bad Wolf slot game is 97%. RTP stands for the chance to win cash on the slot machine, or rather the refund of what you bet. A high value is therefore something to look forward to, because your risk of losing is decreasing.

Big Bad Wolf Tips

Like some closing words, wants to invite Big Bad Wolf tips that you can use when playing the slot machine.

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