2 Million BC Slots


2 Million BC takes place in the jungle 2 million years ago. There the cave man lives with his friend squirrel. Sometimes a fierce tiger attacks and then you have to knock it with acorns to win big winnings. Below you can try 2 Million BC for free, without registration or deposit.

2 Million BC Free Spins

For those who want to play for free Free spins are the best option. Free spins are free of charge that you can use to play more, without having to take any risk. For those who do not want to spend any money, free free spins without deposit are what you should look for. Above you will find a lot of promotions that will give you free free spins.

However, if you want a chance to win money, you can get free spins on registration or when you make a deposit on any online casino . We tried to play at Betsafe.com and received no less than 50 free spins in bonus when registering as a member.

You also have the chance to get free spins by winning them during the game. If you get three bonus symbols in a row, in the form of campfires, you win free spins. Any winnings you can choose to cash out or add to your game box. Keep in mind that it’s never wrong to have extra free spins in stock! As you play for free spins, you also have the opportunity to win additional free rounds.

2 Million BC Bonus

You can also get different types of bonuses to play more 2 Million BC. Many of the caissos are offering a welcome bonus as you usually get when you register as a member. In addition, you may need to make a deposit to receive the Welcome Bonus.

The first deposit you make may in some cases affect how much bonus you can get. If so, it may be worth thinking a little before making a deposit, the offer only applies at one time.

Play 2 Million BC Slots

2 Million BC is a slot machine that Has been developed by Betsoft. With 3D effects and matching sound effects, 2 Million BC is a fun game that offers a lot of entertainment. The theme is, as the name suggests, a primitive era. The characters are dressed in animal trap and use wood and stone tools. The main character is a caveman who is seen to the right of the wheels.

The slot machine has 5 reels and 30 paylines and you can choose to bet 5 different coin values. The 2 Million BC slot contains no less than 3 bonus rounds that give you greater chances to win. The first bonus round is, as previously mentioned, of free spins. If you manage to spin 3 or more acronyms, the bonus game, “Saber Attack”, will be activated to help the cave man beat the saber-tiger.

The third bonus is achieved by collecting three or more diamonds, then activating “diamond bonus”. Here’s what to think of a little bit about your task, that is to help the caveman steal the diamond from the tiger.

Profit Symbols and Dividends

Below you can see the winning symbols found in 2 Million BC. The symbols consist of, among other things, various rock formations, wooden pans, gems, and a beautiful woman who may be the culprit’s life mate.

2 Million BC Jackpot

This slot machine has no progressive jackpot which means the highest win is fixed. Depending on how you bet, you can control how big the jackpot will be. The highest amount you can win at 2 Million BC is $ 7,500. That’s equivalent to almost 50,000 Swedish kronor!

2 Million BC in Mobile

P> If you do not have access to a computer, you can experience the same slot game directly on your mobile. You need a smartphone with Android or iOS as an operating system to play 2 Million BC in your mobile. There are many benefits to being able to play on the mobile. The biggest advantage is that the game is available wherever you are. A mobile or tablet is easy to carry and you do not need to have access to a computer to play.

2 Million BC on iPhone and iPad

It Most common is to play 2 Million BC on an iPhone or an ipad. There are many benefits of touch devices that make gaming machines more fun to play. It’s both easy and convenient to bring the slot machines everywhere.

It’s perfect to play while traveling and in all other situations that usually mean long waiting times. With the slot available, time will go much faster!

2 Million BC on android

For those who have an android you can play 2 Million BC on it. When you play on your mobile via the browser, it may be that the game window looks a little different than it does when you play the computer. However, most slot machines usually work quite well even in the mobile phone. All you need to play is internet connection. Then just enter your online casino as usual via the browser.

RTP on the slot machine

RTP stands for “return to player” and specifies how much of the players’ efforts are paid back. Slot machines usually have an RTP that is somewhere between 92% and 98%. This means that so much of the efforts are theoretically repaid.

2 Million BC Tips

Now you’ve come to the end of the race This review. We hope you have brought with you many tips that you have to use for now to start playing! As usual, we want to give you some last tips on the way:

Play to have fun!

Use bonus deals when they’re available!